Constructively engaging stakeholders to raise issues and recommend desired solutions to achieve your mission for public good is a strategic exercise in advocacy that involves agenda-setting, cultivating support from key publics and implementing credible actions that will be well-received by decision-makers.  I can assist you to:

  • assess the milieu, timing and window of opportunity available to you
  • clearly articulate your issue and define ‘the ask’ you bring to decision-makers
  • plan effective strategies, including issue-oriented collaborations that can expand your sphere of influence
  • act within the bounds of Canada’s laws regarding allowable political activities for charities
  • create a work plan to execute your plan of influence

Groups, organizations and communities are increasingly coming together for collective impact.  Collaboration can take the form of networks, alliances, coalitions or partnerships.  Both existing organically grown collaborations as well as new ventures benefit by involving an experienced, neutral champion that can support transparency and mutual benefit in all phases of the collaborating journey. I can assist you to:

  • Initiate a collaboration: scope membership, identify common ground, acknowledge interests and build relationships
  • Define an appropriate structure, co-create strategies and work plans, tools to support coordination and set out agreements between members
  • Review existing collaborations, recommend areas for improvement, re-negotiate goals; and if appropriate, facilitate closure.


Outcomes are optimized when context is explored, opportunities leveraged, solutions designed and resources acquired. I can assist you to:

  • Develop strategic clarity of your current initiatives; refine your theory of change and enhance program components to achieve desired results
  • Utilize design innovation tools to investigate context, observe, make sense, co-create and deliver valued, human-centred services
  • Advance your mission with policymakers and funders
  • Examine readiness for new ventures, including collaborations and social enterprise
  • Prepare proposals for funding.


Accountability is top of mind with funders and donors. Boards of Directors also require relevant information to fulfil their governance role. And staff benefit from transforming data into useful knowledge to inform improvement. I can assist you to:

  • Develop a performance monitoring process to meet the information needs of funders, donors and boards
  • Measure user satisfaction
  • Undertake in-depth program evaluation
  • As a backbone organization develop shared indicators of collective impact
  • Transform existing data to visual material that highlights notable information
  • Gather and share memorable stories about your work
  • Build your capacity to better utilize your data for program improvement: become a learning organization.